Sculpture Auction 2016

On the 19th of March, hundreds of people turned out for the "Framing for the Future" conference that took place at the Westin Hotel in Dhaka Bangladesh.

The event was hosted by the Danish Embassy and run in coordination with the Bangladeshi government. The high level event was intended as a forum to discuss and analyse the progress made by the Bangladeshi ready made garment industry and included dignitaries and officials from numerous organisations and official government ministries.

Meena was given the opportunity to present its 'Sculptures of Survival' project at the event. Five participants on the Meena programme greeted the Danish Trade and Development Minister to discuss their experiences, their current situations and their hopes for the future. The women presented the minister with a handmade quilt and gave a speech to open the conference.

The sculptures were then auctioned as part of the conference, attracting a lot of attention for the Meena project.

Meena would like to thank the following organisations for their contribution. As acknowledgement each of the unique sculptures were handed over to:

Netherlands Embassy, Dhaka - "Child Going to School" by Shumi, Bulbuli & Asma
ribeka Groundwater Consultancy - "Planting and Caring" by Bliplob, Bijoy, Farzana and Shumona
Danish Embassy, Dhaka - "Consoling" by Jesmin, Hashia & Shipu
BGMEA - "Family" by Alpona, Shabana & Hera
An international pharmaceutical company - "Doctor, Nurse and Patient" by Sumaiya, Liza & Kajol
BGMEA - "Rana Plaza – Rescuing the wounded" by Nazma, Maya & Amena
H&M - "Future" by Aklima, Chandana & Mira
Prime Minister's Office - "Small Family - happy family"

The proceeds from the auction go to the support of survivors of the Rana Plaza tragedy. In light of the project's success, planning taking place for another sculpture project to take place in the near future.


001 Child is going to School- artists - Shumi Bulbuli  Asma
002 Planting and caring - artists - Biplob Bijoy Farjana  Sumona
003 Consoling - artists - Jesmin Akter Hashia Begum  Shipu Rani Das
004 Prayer - artists -Hasna Khatun Afroja  Shilpi Rani Das
005 Family - artists - Shema Akter Sharmin  Mahim Alam
006 The Collapsed Building - artists - Alpona Shabana  Hera
007 Doctor Nurse and Patient - artists - Sumiya Liza  Kazol
008 Rana Plaza - Rescuing the wounded - artists - Nazama Begum Maya  Amena Begum
009 Future - artists - Aklima Chandana Rani  Mira
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